Giving Back

Everyone deserves a place to call home

eightWest staff - GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - Homelessness affects every group of people in our community, families, individuals, and teens. And within homelessness, there are a lot of issues; a lack of adequate housing, a lack of affordable homes... the list goes on and on.

Well House is an organization in Grand Rapids that's trying to tackle those issues. Today, we're taking you inside one of their recently renovated homes that will house a homeless family. We'll also tell you about their special fundraiser next month with Standale Interiors.

Event details:
Well House Gala of Light

April 12 at 6pm

New Vintage Place - Grand Rapids

Tickets: $100
Well House is also holding another big event on May 19th... it's their annual plant sale.... which happens at 600 Cass Avenue in Grand Rapids.

Rich history, strong foundation

On March 1, 1952, Ken Holtvluwer joined John Koppenol as co-owner of Standale Lumber and Supply Company. Ken had approached his father for a loan to get started and was asked, “What do you know about the lumber business?” His reply was, “Not a thing, but I can sure learn!” By 1954, Holtvluwer had learned enough to triple the business and buy out his partner.

In the 1950s, the neighbors in the Standale business district were Thompson Hardware, now part of Standale Interiors, and Bergman Lumber the Standale Home Center today. In April 1956, a tornado roared through the business district and totally destroyed it. Despite insufficient insurance, Ken’s faith prevailed and within a few days, a small plywood shed and sign stating, “Standale Lumber: Open for Business” rose from the rubble. Soon after, the building (now Standale Interiors) was constructed.

The Standale lumber yard expanded in the early ‘60s but in spring of 1965, another tornado touched down, destroying a large lumber storage shed. This time, Ken was insured and able to quickly rebuild.

Standale Lumber grew at a dramatic pace in the 70s, giving birth to new divisions of carpet, furniture and pre-hung doors. Sales and employee count tripled, additional property was acquired, more buildings and loca-tions added, and a large fleet of trucks began to ship materials to five states. The next two decades brought challenges, yet the Standale Group persevered — and prospered. In 1995, it became an employee-owned company with three divisions: Standale Lumber, Standale Home Center, and Standale Interiors.

Standale Carpet and Furniture on Lake Michigan Drive was completely remodeled in 1998. Jan Lehman, Vice President of Marketing, says, “The new Standale Interiors, a unique interior design boutique, was officially unveiled in June 1999.”

Building loyalty, delivering service

Since its opening as a one-stop interior design store, Standale Interiors has flourished. Why? Customer focus. Convenience. Collaboration. Everything from designing your home to accessorizing your walls and tables can be accomplished with ease — collaborating with experienced, specialized professionals — all in one location! Customers can choose from a wide array of leading brand-name products such as Shaw® Floors, Cambria® quartz countertops, Dura Supreme® cabinets, and Hunter Douglas® window coverings.

In 2002, the Standale Group celebrated its 50th anniversary with an impressive contribution to the Inner City Christian Federation’s Hammer for Housing Project. To ensure continuing success, the Standale Group formally documented and presented their mission statement:

Our purpose is to be the leading provide of excellent, innovative building solutions. With hearts for serving, we are developing partnerships with employees, suppliers, and customers to contribute positively to the quality of life in our community. We are committed to raising our expectations of ourselves by exceeding the expectations of our partners.

Standale Group mission statement

Caring for community, designing a better future

With 64 years in the business, the customer-centric way of doing business embraced by Standale Group’s founder, Ken Holtvluwer, has prov-en itself. From day one, Holtvluwer would do it all and do it right — take a customer’s order, load the order, and then deliver it. This customer-focused phi-losophy continues today.

Beyond the respect and trust of customers, Standale Interiors has earned the esteem of the local community, their suppliers, and many local organizations. Stewardship is one of Standale Group’s core values and why they generously give of their resources and talents for the benefit of their community. Lehman explained, “We’re honored to be the longest-term member of the Home Builders Association and proud to be accredited by the Better Business Bureau.” As one of the original members of Local First, Standale Interiors considers it vital to our economy and the community to support locally owned manufacturers, suppliers, retail stores and service providers. The company also gives where they live and work by contributing to local charities and non-profit organizations helping those in need.

Building a new home or remodeling? “Come home to new” with Standale Interiors. Discover more about this unique store, its high-quality products, and the professionals there to help you.